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Link to ISIS Link to French Police Investigators found crates’ worth of disposable cellphones, meticulously scoured of email data. All around Paris, they found traces of improved bomb-making materials. And they began piecing together a multilayered terrorist attack that evaded detection until much too late. In the immediate aftermath of […]

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School to Career Success Focus Group

The Wayne County Partnership for Strengthening Families (WCPSF) has a subcommittee, Education Workgroup. The Workgroup has several goals including increasing graduation rates. One of the Workgroup’s objectives is to develop for schools, employers and students methods that will improve school to career success. The Workgroup’s first step in this process is to invite individuals […]

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Meeting Agenda – March 19, 2015

Introductions WCAP Community Needs Assessment Partnership Website Review of Logic Model Each sub-committee reports on progress Behavioral Health Family Resource Education Work group 2015 Risk and Protective Survey WCAP-Federal Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention GrantJuvenile Justice Reform Updates/Information Sharing